Rachel Lotspeich
As a real estate broker in Colorado, Rachel brings a unique perspective to the table. With a well-traveled background that includes attending college overseas, Rachel has a deep appreciation for different cultures and understands the importance of finding a home that makes you feel happy and safe.
Rachel has a professional background in law and a keen understanding of contracts and negotiations. This expertise has proven invaluable to her clients, who appreciate her ability to navigate complex transactions and ensure their best interests are always represented.
But Rachel’s passion for real estate goes beyond the legalities. She truly loves helping people find their dream home, whether it’s a first-time buyer or a seasoned investor. Her knowledge of the local market and commitment to personalized service ensures that each client receives the guidance and support they need to make informed decisions.
When she’s not working with clients or serving on philanthropic boards throughout the Denver metro area, Rachel enjoys spending time with her family. She also loves literature, live opera, music and comedy and the culture and people of Colorado, which she believes is the best place to call home.
If you’re looking for a real estate broker who is not only knowledgeable and experienced but also passionate about helping you find the perfect home, look no further than Rachel. Contact her today to get started on your property journey.

Rachel Lotspeich
Colorado Home Road